This is David Y.  I am a buy-side analyst, with experience in analysing a diversified range of credit products – from corporate bond, ABS, structured credit, to credit derivatives.

I was an engineer by training and had a stint doing research in control engineering and robotics.  I started as a credit derivative quant and migrate more and more towards discretionary credit investment in recent years.

I have a strong interest in understanding how things work in practice.   Working in finance allows me to look into how many different industries work, how money and credit flow in the system, how investment funds make money or fail spectacularly – all in the same career.   As I find writing a good way to crystalise my thoughts, I decide to write a blog to cover areas that are outside my day job e.g. distressed debt, more theoretical discussion about investing, quant trading or my long term interest in maths/programming from time to time…   I am always interested in new challenges.   Reach out with the contact form below to connect!

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

The information, materials and data provided are for general information purposes and are subject to change without notice.  Any reliance on the material on this website is at your own risk.  The author of onriskandreturn.com provides no guarantee for the adequacy, accuracy and reliability of the content of either this website or any linked third-party data sources, and is not responsible for any direct or consequential financial losses incurred.  Under no circumstances shall the information contained on this website constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any investment securities.

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